Linda Nagle's Woody Caps

The Perfect Accessory For Boating Aficionados And Lovers Of Fine Woodwork

Whether you own an antique yacht or a crabbing skiff, a pleasure craft or sailboat or just appreciate the look and texture of fine woodworking in general — Linda Nagle's Woody Caps are the perfect accessory to round out your casual image. is your place to get the best quality and most authentic customizable bill cap with a hand-crafted mahogany bill. Each Woody Cap is hand-cut, hand-finished using a special process Linda has developed to perfection over years of working in the restoration of wooden boats, an activity she has pursued much of her life. She has been a member of The Antique & Classic Boat Society for 23 years and it was here where she saw her vision to build an authentic Mahogany Bill with the look of a wooden boat. Enjoy persusing our site, and when you are ready to join in and wear your love of handcrafted wooden boats, just place your order and enjoy the looks & comments from your friends!

To order Woody Caps, Woody Visors or other accessories, please email Linda directly at: Each Woody product is hand-crafted by Linda Nagle and stocks are limited, so order your Woody Caps for your special person in time for the holidays!